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Dank Products Backed by Expert Knowledge


When it comes to the cannabis industry, quality is of the utmost importance. When it comes to choosing the perfect smoke (just like our name suggests) our products are some of the finest.

This is because at Dankory, we thrive on creating the best smoking experience for our patrons. We make this possible by researching and implementing organic growing processes and optimum preservation methods, leaving our patrons with a clean but potent product.


Our factory is a place where passion meets expertise. Our team of experts have hands-on roles in every stage of the cannabis life cycle. Starting at the beginning by managing the conditions of our farm to ensure optimal growth, what strains are grown and how to care for them properly, to how buds are cured and stored. Every stage is perfected to meet the goal of providing high-quality cannabis products to our patrons every time.

As well as the variety of strains to choose from, we offer the products to match anyone’s needs from a premium selection of grinders, vapes, glass pieces, and plenty more. Dankory truly is THE one stop shop to meet all your smoking needs.